Why Gateway Photographers

Member Testimonial:

So I just wanted to say it was great seeing everyone the other night! Just loved the warm welcome I got when I walked through the door, lol.

Something for new members & potential members.

I know first hand that photography schools can start at around $800. If you want one on one lessons it could be $100 per hour!

Now think of getting hands on classes, learning your camera inside & out, learning from people who want to teach and want you to get better. Think of competitions, where you are judged by well respected photographers & others in the industry. Think of the lectures we have on photography and how much is charged at other places. Think of the photo excursions, that people pay $100's to go on. By the time you add this all up, you are paying $1000's to learn.

Here at Gateway you get it all and then some for $50 dues. You may ask yourself, will I really learn at this club. I can tell you first hand, you WILL! I have been shooting for years and I still learn at the club, no one is ever above learning new techniques. Just about everyone can bring something to the table.

So you can go out and spend the $1000's to learn if it makes you feel better, but i would rather spend $40 and learn more, and use the savings of $960 on new camera equipment!

So save your money and join the club, and don't forget your dues will allow you to see me every Wednesday which is way worth more than $50.00!!!

-- A Member since 2009