Members Competition Entry Guidelines

Competition Entry Guidelines

The club utilizes the website

Photo Contest Pro (click here to login)

to upload our digital photos for our monthly competitions. As a Gateway Photographers club member you are issued a username and password to upload your photographs. If you forgot your password, there is a "forgot password" link on the sign-on page to have a password reset sent to you. Members are also permitted to submit prints for competition, in addition to digital images.

All competitions (digital or print) are conducted in three individual categories:

  • Theme

  • Black & White (B&W)

  • Color

Limited to 2 submissions per category (combination of digital and/or print images) per competition.

Digital Entry Guidelines

After your yearly dues are paid, you will be issued a username to access the competition website to upload your photos. You can upload for just the next meeting or upload for the whole season. Please note: you are permitted to enter a competition and not physically attend the meeting, only once during a season. This is so you are present for the judge's critiques. Competition is about improving your own photography, not the awards or competing against other photographers.

10/2019 Award: Waiting for the Bus by Scott Allen

10/2019 Award:

Rained Out by Ave Doyle

10/2019 Award : Skilled Iron Worker by Scott Allen

10/2019 Award:

On Guard by Mary Fulks

10/2019 Award:

Baby Bells by Louise Rossi

10/2019 Award :

Simple Flower by Louise Rossi

10/2019 Award: Passau German Violinist by Herb Goldberger

10/2019 Award : Lady of the Lake by Robert Catalano

10/2019 Award:

Flower by Jimi White

11/2019 Award: Big City by Scott Allen

11/2019 Award : Princeton River Fog by Andy Pope

11/2019 Award: Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge by Herb Goldberger

11/2019 Award: Lady in Red by Scott Allen

11/2019 Award Dancing with Grace by Scott Allen

2019 Award: Pattern Disruptive by Robert Catalano

11/2019 Award : Feeling Moody by Angela Aversa

11/2019 Award : Wood Worker by Angela Aversa

11/2019 Award : On the Waterfront by Robert Catalano

Our Member's work from our recent Macro Class . These photographs received an award for this month's work.