Award Winning Photographs

Our Monthly competitions provide an opportunity for members to showcase their inspirational images. Submissions are critiqued by an experienced independent judge who offers suggestions on how to improve various photographic techniques. The suggestions are offered as a benefit all and by doing so allows the competitions to function more as a self-improvement aid for creating more dynamic images, rather than just a competition between members.

All competitions (digital or print) are conducted in three individual categories:

  • Theme

  • Black & White (B&W)

  • Color

Limited to 2 submissions per category (combination of digital and/or print images) per competition.

Photos are judged and scored.

A photograph earning a score of "8" receive an Honorable Mention Certificate and a photograph given a "9" score receives an Award Ribbon.

Our Year-End Competition held in June is the year's best and final highlight. The purpose of this competition is to determine which photos are the "Best of the Best" of the year. All qualified photos are reviewed by two judges who determine which entries will receive the "Photo of the Year" award for each category.

The Club also recognizes the achievements of it's Members over the Year by Awarding the Highest Scoring Member in each Category a "Year's Best" Award.

The Club gives further Achievement Recognition to the Member with the Highest Combined Score of B&W , Color and Theme Categories, the Award of "Photographer of the Year", which is the Club's Highest Honor.

Even if you are just a casual photographer wanting to improve your photographic skills, we are here to help you. Our more experienced members are always willing to assist, guide and advise those who seek help in improving their photography skills.

Members, for more information on competition entries, please visit our Members Competition Entry Information page.

Color Photo of the Year

My Paphiopedilium


Herb Goldberger


Shutter 1/60, f/7.1, ISO 400



Scott Allen


Shutter 1/8, f/6.3, ISO 100

Snowy Path


Tina Watson


Shutter 1/160, f/11, ISO 100