About Us

The Gateway Photographers of Staten Island was originally founded in 1990 under the name of "The Gateway Camera Club of Staten Island". We are members of The Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC).

It was founded by a group of talented photographers who had new and exciting ideas on how a camera club should be run using a structured and organized forum for all amateur photographers. This visionary group of photographers included Maria DaRocha who was our first President, Betty Groskin, Ray and Marian Williams, Al Rehorn and Manny Trachman, as well as others. In total there were 19 original members who joined together to form Gateway.

In 1995, the torch of president was passed onto Jimi I. During his leadership, Gateway has blossomed and succeeded to be the best photography club that Staten Island has to offer. The 2008-2009 season marks his final year of a 14-year run.

As with all organizations, to remain successful and flourish, changes are needed to keep pace with trends and it's membership needs. For example the use of darkrooms, black & white film and color slides have all become less popular since the introduction of digital photography.

However as a club, we must also provide for the needs of all members; and in doing so, we currently include all formats and photographic processes that are still available for the creative mind. Many changes have taken place over the years to insure that the club's integrity and commitment to the art maintains it's highest level possible. This will insure that Gateway remains the finest, most respected and talented club around and we will strive to continue to do so.

Beginning with the 2009-2010 season, Tommy D. is our new Club President and Scott A. is our new Club Vice-President.

Semi-Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, starting at 7:30 PM from September through June. We are located at Sacred Heart School, on Castleton Avenue between North Burgher Avenue and Bement Avenue (map).

Programs and Workshops

Through the programs offered at Gateway, individuals can learn the fundamentals of photography and special techniques in an entertaining and enjoyable style. Our hands-on workshops also play an important role in Gateway's approach to teaching photography. Some of these include the use of models, animals, and table top setups to demonstrate some unusual techniques, not usually attempted by everyday shooters. Every member and invited guests are given an opportunity to take part in the session, photographing the subjects and participating in the planned activities. There is always much to learn at each session because each workshop offers it's own unique set-up and technique for you to experiment with.

Field Trips

Our Club offers scheduled field trips to fun events and beautiful scenic locations. This provides Members and Guests with an environment where camaraderie and friendship can flourish. Please be advised, our field trips can be habit forming.

Photo Competitions

Our Monthly competitions provide an opportunity for members to showcase their inspirational images. Submissions are critiqued by an experienced independant judge who offers suggestions on how to improve various photographic techniques. The suggestions are offered as a benefit all and by doing so allows the competitions to function more as a self-improvement aid for creating more dynamic images, rather than just a competition between members. All competitions are conducted in three individual categories: slides, black & white and color prints. Photos are judged and scored. Those earning a score of "8" receive an Honorable Mention Certificate and those given a "9" score receive an Award Ribbon.

Our Year-End Competition held at the end of May is the year's best and final highlight. The purpose of this competition is to determine which photos are the "Best of the Best" of the year. All qualified photos are reviewed by two judges who determine which entries will receive the "Photo of the Year" award for each category.

Even if you are just a casual photographer wanting to improve your photographic skills, we are here to help you. Our more experienced members are always willing to assist, guide and advise those who seek help in improving their photography skills.

Still not convinced?

Feel free to stop by and experience it all for yourself. Guests are always welcome to drop by at no cost or obligation. The only requirement you need to join us is a passion for this wonderful hobby we all share, called ... photography.  The annual membership fee is $50.00.

Thank you for stopping by.