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Tommy D

Artist Statement

I have enjoyed photography since the day I was given my first Camera at 10 years old.

Before I joined the Club in 1996, I always considered myself a Good Photographer, but realized that I was, at best only a Good Picture taker.
Thanks to all I have learned by being a Member, I can now say that I am a much advanced Photographer who is now capable of creating Photographic Images that I only wished I could before joining.

Programs and Photo Competitions with Critiquing and Constructive Feedback are provided to help increase your Photography Knowledge and Ability. The only person you compete with is yourself.

Our Meetings and
Trips are designed to provide a great opportunity to build Fellowship and to Share or Receive Information with Others.

All photos contained herein are ©copyrighted by their photographer with all rights reserved.
Please do not use on websites, blogs, or other media without explicit permission. Thank you.