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Angela A

Artist Statement

I have loved photography ever since my father put a camera in my hands.  He was always the family photographer, capturing memories that I cherish today.  I have continued the tradition as evidenced by numerous volumes of family albums in my home.  I received my first SLR camera when I joined The Gateway Photographers of Staten Island two years ago.  I'm so blessed that my dear friend Tina invited me to sit in on a meeting. I immediately joined and have gained so much knowledge as well as friendship through this wonderful group of talented and enjoyable photographers.  I especially enjoy street photography and shooting portraits.  I love capturing facial expressions and emotions.  Photography to me is an extension of how I see the world because a good picture can tell an incredible story.  

I look forward to our future trips, presentations and just being a part of this wonderful family.  You are all the highlight of my Wednesday evenings!

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