Competition Info

Our Monthly competitions provide an opportunity for members to showcase their inspirational images. Submissions are critiqued by an experienced independent judge who offers suggestions on how to improve various photographic techniques. The suggestions are offered as a benefit all and by doing so allows the competitions to function more as a self-improvement aid for creating more dynamic images, rather than just a competition between members. All competitions are conducted in two individual categories: black & white and color prints.

Photos are judged and scored. Those earning a score of "8" receive an Honorable Mention Certificate and those given a "9" score receive an Award Ribbon.


While the Competitions seem to be a contest among the Members, they actually are more like a Golf Game.
Yes, you may be playing together but the important goal is not Winning but to better your playing Ability for the next game.

In our case, "the Next Photo we take".

The Club's Goal is to Encourage all Members to advance in both Artistically and Ability.
The Judging and Critiquing during the Competitions are meant to do just that, by providing a Gauge to help you improve your Personal Photographic Abilities.

However, it would only be counteractive to our Mission and Commitment to cause discouragement because of a Judge's Opinion.

Therefore it was decided to provide an option to Resubmit a Prior Judged Entry for a second opinion within the same year, with certain provisions explained below*.

Final Reminder is that All Submissions MUST be ready for Submission by 7:50pm.

What this means is that:

1. The Competition Entry Form must be Completely Filled out, 
2. Photos are to be Marked on the back with the Line Number of the Entry Form, Photo and Photographer name in the same Position of the Photo.
Competition Overview for Judges only
The Club Competitors are all Ranked as one Group/Division. Critiquing of all Entries are to be Limited to the First Round only.

All Club Member's Images are taken by Film or Digital Cameras, Printed either Digitally or in a Darkroom, either Privately or by a Commercial Lab.
Competition Overview for Members and Judges
Our Club conducts Competitions in Two Categories; Color Prints and Black & White Prints which can all be created by Film or Digital Files. This allows the Members to Compete using one or all methods for Presenting their Image.

Competitions are conducted for the Members, as a Means to have their Photos Graded and Critiqued with Enhancement Suggestions by a Qualified Judge.

This is an Important Aid to all Photographers since it Provides a Method of Evaluating their own Vision and Advancements.

The Club also recognizes the achievements of it's Members over the Year by Awarding the Highest Scoring Member in each Category a "Years Best" Award.

The Club gives further Achievement Recognition to the Member with the Highest Combined Score of two Categories, the Award of "Photographer of the Year", which is the Club's Highest Honor.

All Competition Entries in the First round are Scored either a 6 score which is Dropped, or a 7 score which advances to the next Round.

Second Round entries are Scored either a 7, 8 Honorable Mention or 9 Award.

Guidelines and Restrictions for Entering into Competition

All Entries must be submitted Ready for Competition by 7:45pm.


Photo Mat Entry Size: From 8”x 10” to 24” x 20”.

Photos must be identified on Back with Title, Member Name and Entry # (1 or 2).

First Round Entries that receive a “6” Score are Dropped, a “7” Score enters into the 2nd Round.  During the 2nd Round the Photo will either keep the "7" Score or receive an "8" Score for an "Honorable Mention" or a "9" Score for an "Award".

Once a Photo receives an “Award” it is considered Retired and may not be re-entered into any future Regular Club Competition. All other Scored Photos may be resubmitted, and if so within the same year, the Original Score received is reduced to a “6” Score. 

All Lighting and Metering must be calculated by the Photographer to be eligible for Submission unless taken at an Event Sanctioned by the Club.

Photos taken during Professional Workshop and/or Classes may not be entered into any Competition. If Unclear, Please Ask for More Clarification.
Photos that cannot be entered into Club Competitions
-Photos that have received a "9' Award or "Photo of the Year" Award in a Prior or Current Year are considered Retired and no longer eligible for Club Competitions.
-Photos presented behind Glass, in a Frame or containing any Identifying Markings on the Front.
-Photos Published which a Monetary Payment (Magazines, Newspapers, etc) was received.
-Photo's under 5"x7" and Over 20"x24"
-If Photo was created with Lighting or Settings provided for you, unless by the Club or Club Sanctioned Event.
*How to Resubmit a Photo for a Second Opinion within the Same Club Season  
So, even if you had felt that the Judge may have been overly critical, seemed partial or appeared to compare entries against their own abilities, it is still  their Opinion and right to do so. However should you feel that you photo was Judged unfairly then you have the option to re-enter that Photo again during the same Club Year for a second opinion. But be warned, you may not receive better Scores even with a second submission.   
The provisions for resubmissions are simple:

    Photos that were Not Altered in any manner since previously Judged and resubmitted during the same season, Do Not require a Name change.

    The Original Score received is dropped to a 6 and the Resubmitted photo's score received is added to the Member's Total Year Scoring.
    Basically if you felt the Score given by the Judge was unfair and you only received a 6 score, then you really have nothing to lose by resubmitting 
    it for another Judge's Review.
    However, Photos that Were Altered since last judged Must be Renamed and Judged as a New Photo if entered within the same Club Season. 
    In this situation the Original Score stands and the Resubmitted Photo receives it's own Score as a New submission.

    Therefore, As it is now a New Submission you are permitted to Retouch or Crop it based the opinions of the Judge, since it will be Scored on it's own.
     All "9" Award or "Photo of the Year" Award Photo's are considered Retired and Cannot be reentered into any further Club Competitions.

     This is done to respect the Level of Award and encourage Members to strive to achieve a Higher level of Excellence.

     However, you can and should consider submitting them to PSA, NJCC Federation or other organization's Competitions for further recognition.